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This is me

Here you can find out a bit more about me (any questions, feel free to email me and ask :) )
Name: Sarah Costello
Age: 18
Random stuff about me: I love to swim. I didn't go for a long time because of certain things, but started going again a while ago, and since then have been going twice a week. I find swimming very relaxing and it takes my mind off lots of things. I write poetry, songs and stories. Writing is a huge passion of mine because its so theraputic. I haven't written as much recently as what I used to, but I find it a fantastic way of getting thoughts out of my head constructively. I like music, too. I was at one point trying to teach myself how to play the guitar, but failed miserably. It's still something I would like to do, so we'll see! I've also been playing the keyboard for a few years, but its nothing spectactular. I'm not very good at it. Oh, I learnt to play the recorder in year two. I still have my recorder and books! I never really forgot how to play that, but I think just about everyone can play the recorder...
 I'm really random sometimes... can get very hyper, especially on red smarties and diet coke. I love to read, a total book worm ;-) I think Torey Hayden's books are fantastic. I've read almost all of them ('cept one called Sunflower Forest or something? It's 50 on amazon!) I read "The Undomestic Goddess" a while ago and since then have fell in love wi th Sophie Kinsella's books. What a fantastic writer she is! You'll find on my bookshelf most of the books I own are to do with mental health and psychologically based, because I find them super interesting.
What else? Comedy and romance films are some of my favourite, but I'll watch just about anything, except scary films unless I'm with my friends. My favourite film is probably '50 First Dates'.
And I'm a Jaffa Cake addict. When I first started college, I had them practically every day for my lunch. I've started a new college (my old college stuff just kind of... didnt work out) to do a BTEC in Health and Social Care, which shall *hopefully* allow me to be accepted into uni to study social work. I love it there - have met amazing people. I have two jobs; I work part time at a well known store nationwide, and I'm also a part time fairy, but dont tell anyone that, it's a secret.
Other things about me: Hm.. i live in England, North end in Doncaster. I have two sisters, called Laura, shes 19, and Kayleigh, whos 15. I live with my dad, and my little sister. My big sister lives in London in a small flat with her friend. I don't get to visit her often 'cause I have so many other committments :( I have a gorgeous dog called Ross. I'd like to get a hamster soon, so I think maybe when I get paid next....
Loves: Talking, puppies, kittens, laughing, love, my mobile phone, writing letters, writing all together, music (listening to and writing), white roses, rain, storms, being outside when its raining, being in my bedroom, fluffy things, pink things, hugs, MSN messenger, the colour blue, the smell of freshly cut grass, strawberry shower gel, flying, people who don't expect others to be perfect, laying outside in the sun, chocolate, helping others and giving advice, the moon, being warm, rivers, winter.
Why I made this website: I was bullied for 4 years, from year 7 - 10, and at 18 I'm still suffering from some of the effects of bullying. I'm using my experiences to help others now, really :-) I have never been a bully, and never will be because I know how much it hurts, and I don't really see much point in hurting your peers? This site has become an important bit of my life, checking it for new messages, recieving new emails from people asking for help etc, and I don't mind giving advice or visiting other people's sites that they leave in my guestbook.
Oh, here's a pic of me!

Peace Gardens

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