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Hi guys :-)

Welcome to Stop Bullying Now. This website was made to help victims of bullying or people who have been bullied in the past. No one deserves to be bullied, and we are hear to encourage victims to speak out.

I did not make this site just for people who are being bullied, but also for those who want to help. However, we are not a website for counselling and none of us have professional training. I've made this off my own back and to share my story to show others that I have got through it, and that I'm doing okay.

Also, this website is purely for those who have been, or are currently being bullied at school. I am aware bullying in the workplace and at home can occur, but fortunately, I have no experience with this kind of bullying, and would find it more difficult to give information about, but I'm sure that by using Google search you can find websites that are relevant to this type of bullying.

Thanks for visiting anyway and I hope you find the site helpful

Sarah x 


I am looking for people who are willing to share THEIR bullying stories on the main site. You don't have to leave your name, just your age.  Email me at


This website is dedicated to my grandma who sadly died 2nd September 04, and to my mum, who died peacefully on 19th April 2007.

Rest in peace angels...

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