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Here you can find the Stop Bullying Now! message boards and rules.

By clicking here you can access the Stop Bullying Now! message boards. (It will open another browser window) I'm trying to make these boards pretty relaxed but I'm afraid because some of the contents on these message boards are of a sensitive nature, there are a few vital rules that must be followed. When you sign up, you will be sent an email with an activation key in it. If you have Hotmail, more often than not, the email will appear in your junk mail folder. You can stop this happening by opening the email and clicking "Not Junk". Future emails will then be sent to your inbox.

* Please remember THIS IS A FAMILY BOARD! Mind your language. There's some young ones on here that don't need to see obscene language. If you really must swear, blank out most of the word with stars. (shift + 8)

*Ok, most members on here will get bullied at school, so please don't let them be bullied when at home. Leave out the nastiness and bitchiness. If me or any of the mods see it, the thread will be blocked and deleted and action will be taken against the member depending on the circumstances

*Keep useless "lol" and bump posts to a minimum. It clutter up the boards and are realyannoying! I dont mean you can't spam at all, but keep it small. If you feel the need to go on a spamming spree, use the "Randomness" forum.

*Last of all, HAVE FUN!

Sarah xx

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