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You wouldn't expect celebrities to have been bullied in the past, would you? Well some have. This is proof that even if you have been bullied, you can still achieve just about anything.



Jessica from Liberty X was bullied for being clever at school. Her class mates would call her a swot and she even resorted to handing her homework in late so they'd lay off. In the end, she spoke to a teacher about what was happening, and she had a word with the girls, and the bullying soon stopped. She urges anyone who is being bullied to tell someone. You can read the full article here.



Amy Studt released her first album, False Smiles, when she was just 16. She attended a boarding school in Bournemouth and from the age of 13 and was bullied for being thin. People would call her 'sad loner' and 'anorexic smurf'. She wasn't anorexic, and isn't now, but naturally skinny. This name calling and constant bullying lead to Amy feeling depressed, which then lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, leaving her unable to concentrate on school work. If that wasn't enough, She had developed osteomyelitis, a bone disease that led her to be bedridden, at the age of twelve. Once, the bullied crept into her room to flick cold beans at her, which lead to the start of a self-harm problem. Amy said "I just wanted to replace one kind of pain with another - and i thought physical pain would be much easier to deal with." Two years later, she managed to break the habit with the help of her boyfriend, even after moving school. Amy Studt's music is truely amazing - she shows there is a life after bullying.



Tom Cruise had moved schools fourteen times by the time he was 15 due to his dad moving around trying to find work. This was not the only problem - Cruise was also dyslexic and because of moving around constantly, his social and academic life suffered immensely. Dyslexia cause him to be bullied bad at school. He says the kids made fun of him, but the experience made him tough inside and he learned to accept ridicule. He is now a famous movie star, staring in movies such as "Vanilla Sky" and "The Last Samurai".



One celebrity, now a very famous glamour model was bullied so bad at private high school she contemplated suicide - Jodie Marsh. She was mainly bullied for having a crooked nose after a hockey incident, and was bullied worse after having plastic surgery to correct the problem. Jodie was called "Michael Jackson" and "plastic face" and her mum claims she would come home close to tears almost every day. "People would shove her on the stairs and spit in her pencil case" says her mum, Kris Marsh. She said she spent most of her lunch times in the library on her own hiding from everyone. Jodie reckons the lowest point of her life was at school, and claims there were points she wanted to kill herself. However, Jodie still managed to leave school with 11 GCSEs (all A and B grades) and 3 A levels.

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