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Lisa's story

I'm 17 in December. Too old to be bullied? No way.
I've been bullied since the age of five, my very first memory of it being the time I stood up against the edge of the playground with some boy pushing me up against the wall. Punching me. Over and over. The sick thing is, he was my age too.

I've always been quiet in school, well until, recently. I've always wondered if maybe I pass some kind of "bully me signal”, logically, I know that’s wrong but I still wonder.
At my next school, starting the age of 9(?) I was bullied every single day, mostly verbally. I made friends with the "wrong" kind of people; my best friend was a male ballet dancer who has always been flamboyantly gay. There is nothing wrong with that, at all, but in the eyes of judgemental nine year old, I’d made myself one of their most easy targets.


I used to dread school every single day, as it was, other things in my life weren’t going all great at that time either so I felt I had no "safe place". At school I was a very slow learner, I was labelled with special needs in my first school because I didn’t learn to write correctly until I was nearly 8, This label was completely wrong (I recently got an A* in my English GCSE) but I believe it as bullying that prompted me to learn so very slowly. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself so I tried to make myself invisible.


One of the worst times I remember was the time I went to a residential trip with my school. I was sharing a room with a girl who decided she resented my presence. She taunted me for three whole days. Kicked me, stole my things, made up as many lies about me as she could. I couldn't cry. It just made people laugh. This girl also took delight in calling me ugly, calling me fat. This combined with other abuse I suffered I believe is part of the cause of my now 5 yearlong struggle with eating disorders.


Throughout this I longed to go to secondary school, unfortunately it wasn’t great there either. Most people from my previous school went to a more local secondary. Only 4 of us went to the school I did, two of these girl took me "under their wing" and for the first time I thought id made friends. After about three weeks they got bored of me and again, the rumours started. I began skipping school, pretending to be ill. Rumours and a bad reputation spread like wildfire. Within two months I had gangs of people calling me names.


When I was 14 I ended up in therapy. I am still there now but things are getting a lot better, I have much more self confidence then I ever have had before and now I look people in the year when I talk to them. This makes so much difference. Despite everything I have stayed at my secondary school and am now in sixth form doing my AS Levels. I have a good group of friends who are really close to me. There are still a few groups of people who enjoy following me around and taunting me, they still hide round corners and I still don’t like going to school, I am still a victim of bullying, but I deal with in differently now. It doesn’t hurt me as much anymore. In January I also got a new weekend job. This has helped my confidence levels so much and I'm finally beginning to feel like a human being.


I know this will have been stressed so many times you become sick of the saying, but, if you are being bullied please find someone to talk to. It may not help, but then again, it might. Please don’t let bullies ruin your life.


Adam's Story


I have been bullied since I was a little kid. I had no friends, I used to live in Stainforth (those were dark times of my life) and I was constantly picked on by like everybody. The teachers didn’t do anything about it in the school I used to go to, the one in Stainforth, so we moved (well that was one of the reasons, that and the fact that we didn’t like Stainforth at all) so we moved to somewhere else. The place we moved to is a way better place than Stainforth, trust me. Anyway, as soon as I got there I made friends but some other kids didn’t like me, one even fought me on my second day of being there. I mean, I didn't do anything to offend them, he was just that type of boy who when he doesn't like someone he hates them for no reason. Of course I lost but didn’t get into any more fights until high school.

            Being in junior school was not a good experience. I was labeled by a couple of people and everyone else read that label so I was basically where I was in Stainforth, but I still had some friends. I eventually pulled through junior school but when I got to high school there were new people who would start all over again with bullying. I got into 1 or 2 other fights but if it were my choice, I would rather not fight. I didn't start it they just didn't like me for no reason. Most days I would dread coming to school, and before long I thought the whole school hated me. I told teachers and my parents hoping they would do something about it but nothing changed. When I was in year 9 I was put on a report card because my head of year thought I was provoking people. Turns out that I wasn’t, because I was getting top marks on it.

            Eventually after the years the bullying started to die down and I found myself actually looking forward to going to school. After that experience I learned how to ignore that bullies and how to cope. I think that after all that it toughened me up on the inside and made me aware of how to deal with it. I have survived the ordeal, and finally after years of torture I realised what I could have done to prevent it, I only wish that I had of done it sooner. Telling someone is a lot better than considering suicide, so if you're being bullied, tell someone.


Amy's Story
My name is Amy and I’m 17, 18 next April. This is my story.
I was bullied from age 10 to 17 by people older, younger and same age as me, people I didn’t even know sometimes. It all started in my primary school when I was 10. In my last year I didn’t want to leave; I loved that school so I tried to hold on by hanging around with the reception kids I know its sad but I didn’t want to leave. I can’t remember exactly what they said but it was mainly all verbal abuse, like baby, swot, freak, and four eyes, stuff like that. I told people but when their tried to do something it only made it worse so I stopped telling people. Then I left primary school and started secondary school at the age of 11. I was dreading it, thinking it was going to happen again, and guess what? It did, but worse. It wasn’t just verbal abuse I was getting, it was physical abuse as well. They called me the same as in primary school but also I got called spot freak and they said sounded like a broken radio when I spoke. They used to throw paper, equipment in science, anything and everything at me that they could, but only when the teacher wasn’t looking of course. They used to hit me as well. It go so bad that one day I got tripped up and fell down three flights of stairs and I got tripped up and bust my lip I was in and out of that medical room all the time. I dreaded going to school every morning in case something worse happened. I was dreading that one day I would end up in hospital, luckily I never did. I told teacher after teacher after teacher but it only made it worse, so I stop telling people. My mum even went in to school but that made it even worse.  It got even worse when my sister started school because she used to stick up for me and they said that I was hiding behind a year 7.I do appreciate it though, that she tried. When I hit year 11, I started not to care what anybody said because I was leaving soon. One thing I wanted to do, was to see who my friends were, so I did in tutor one day I said to them “I want to know who my real friends are, and the ones who are just using me.” This made things worse because everyone overheard and they were saying things to me so I walked out and refused to go back in until my teacher did something. He never did. One day in science we were doing an experiment and I was getting things thrown at me so I walked out when one person hit my head because I hate being hit and my teacher followed me and asked what was wrong. He tried to stop it and it did, but only in her lesson. I just didn’t care; I was leaving and I was starting college. I was 16 then. While I was in school (cant remember what age I was) but I did an anti bullying day and paraded around my town centre with my mum. It was ace! It built my confidence up loads and it made me see how many people are actually bullied. I thought I would never see them again. How wrong was. Most of them went to my college, so it started again but I finally got it sorted and stopped, because a teacher heard them say something to me, asked for their name and I don’t know what happened but it stopped. I was so happy! Finally I was free. I haven’t been bullied now for about 8 or 9 months but I started a different college in September. I was petrified that it would start again but it never did. I was so glad. Now I have loads of confidence and loads of mates who probably wont know my story because it brings back bad memories when I think of it. I just thought that I would tell people my story to show people who are being bullied that no matter what eventually it will stop. It did for me after 7 years. I still have days now when it comes into my mind and frightens the hell out of me but I know that it is just in my mind and I forget about it again. So people if you are being bullied, tell someone. Thanks for reading my story.


Rosie and Lisa's story
Ever since we started high school (Lisa one year before Rosie) We’d always had comments, Lisa always about her appearance and Rosie was always called a ‘swot’ because she always tried hard in class. The big problems started when Lisa moved into third year. Rosie had just started second year and even though the comments were more frequent. She was really looking forward to third year as most of her teachers had said that her third year was going to be better than her second due to the class mixes. The verbal bullying not only got worse for Lisa in third year but when she tried to talk to her guidance teacher about it they just said that they would talk to the people involved. When standing out in the corridor one day talking to her cousin he just suddenly pointed at her and shouted ‘Frizzy Lizzy’. From then on when people saw her they would shout ‘Frizzy Lizzy’. Lisa was never too oversensitive about her hair until that name started circulating the school. People used to direct comments about hair straightners or hair products at her. When Lisa tried to tell Rosie about this bullying, Rosie was sceptical and rather accusing. Our other friend (whom Rosie shared classes with) decided it would help her more to be friends with the more ‘acceptable’ crowd, and promptly left us after sending a nasty email announcing her departure. This marked the start of Rosie’s third year and Lisa’s fourth. Between a mixture of isolation in class, animosity between our ex friend and us and increased bullying (by teachers aswell) Rosie began to understand what Lisa had been going through the previous year. The bullying had already started to get physical by then; Lisa being shoved downstairs and Rosie having chewing gum spat in her hair. By the end of that year we each had one class that we didn’t attend and instead went to the school library (both at different times though). This progressed onto other classes and soon we were in the library at least once everyday together. Soon it became apparent that the librarian was suspicious and the only way to go was out of the building. Class times were spent in the parks, singing, crying, ranting and feeling guilty. As the months went on it became more difficult to go to any classes and in March we told our parents we couldn’t go anymore. They tried various punishments to force us to go to school such as, taking away Rosie’s modem and Lisa’s CD’s. A week after we started ‘school refusing’ Lisa’s granddad died and upon trying to attend school again, after being pressured into it she learned that someone had started a rumour stating that she’d killed her granddad. She left school and never returned. We still get bullies sometimes when we go out and Rosie was assaulted August 2005 but the girl was charged. Rosie was given a part-time timetable. The bullying hasn’t stopped but it has got a lot better since recent publicity. We’re now trying to get over our troubles and hopefully will be going to college sometime this year. You can visit Rosie and Lisa's website at


Paul's Story
My name is Paul and I am 20 years old. I know what it feels like to be bullied as while I was at school I was made out to be the "outcast", shall we say, of the school. It started in middle school in my home town of Poole in Dorset, where one boy out of nowhere decided I needed to be picked on, at first it was just silly little things, but it soon got out of control. After a year of trying to ignore him and getting on with things, while I was playing football in my local park, this boy decided to come up to me, kick me to the floor and proceeded to beat me, breaking my arm. During the 3 months it took for my arm to heal, this boy kept turning up at my house, saying he was my friend, the sad thing is until all this, he was actually a friend of mine. I was at my lowest, I skipped school, stayed indoors and didnt really communicate with other people. It wasnt until I was in my 3rd year at middle school i decided to do something about it, with the support of my friends I decided to face up to this boy and ask him why he bullied me, he said it was because me and my family deserved it.

In the end, I finally plucked up the courage to tell my parents, the school and even the police about the bullying i was receiving. They took a statement from me and after a month and a half, an injunction was issued. I finally felt free of him. That was 8 years ago now, and I've moved on with my life, I now have a great group of friends, a wonderful family who support me in everything I do, and a wonderful fiancee who i feel totally lost without. It just goes to show that you can beat the bullies at their own game if you have the support of family and friends, and that you don't have to suffer in silence, that their are people out their who can help you. Since then this boy and myself have patched things up and now speak to each other when we see each other, he's very sorry about the things he did and said to me and feels bad every day for it, by i live by the motto, "Forgive and forget".

I'd really like it if you could share my story with others, as I really want to be able to help people who feel they are being bullied, I see it as a duty that I must fulfill, not for others who supported me, but for myself, to show I can make a difference.


Roki's Story
Hi I'm Roki, you said that people didn't have to put their names, but i don't mind. I am 14 yrs old and have been bullied for over 8 yrs. It started when I moved into the house that i'm living in now, the people who live at the end of the street, wanted this house and because we got it and they didn't like it - they held it against us. It is a long wait area, but as most people in my family have asthma, and my dad is disabled, not to mention that my mum had a brain heamorrage, the council hurried it up. A group of women off this and the next street, asked my mum to go and see them for a cup of coffee. When she got there, they were all sat around a table, telling her who to and who not to talk to. But my mum is her own person, and she told them that because she was new, she would make up her own mind about who she spoke to. The women didn't like that so their children started saying things to me and my sisters and brothers. I started going to the school just around the corner and it all started off ok, but the person that the teacher had asked to show me around, was bullied, not much, but it was still hurtful. The most popular people in the year group, asked me to hang around with them, but when they did i could see that the girl who was showing me round, amy*, looked really unhappy, because she thought she would be lonely again. I said i would if i could still hang around with amy* aswell, but they wouldn't agree to that, so they went off their own way. I started hanging around with both of them at different times, because the 'cool' people still wanted to be friends. The girls were ok, but the boys in that year, were some that lived on my street, the others were their friends, and wanted to fit in with them, so they laughed at me, because when we were playing kid's games like tiggy, i couldn't run very fast. Nobody knew there was anything wrong at that point, not even me, but i knew that it hurt the bottom of my back to run. I got into 2 fights in the juniors, and they were because people started calling me ugly and fat. I eventually got out of that school, wanted to move on and make new friends, but that wasn't the case. My family weren't too well off, but we lived on, well what do you expect, living on disability benefits with 6 children to look after, each one growing up and needing new clothes and school equipment? I didn't wear the nicest shoes or trousers for school, and the nicest ones i wore were hand-me-downs, from one of my sisters. People noticed, and started saying things, as my last name is Ford, like 'Roxanne can't afford'. I started to cut myself, people didn't know though as i covered up alot and never told anyone. I told my parents about the bullies, but as much as they phoned school, and as much as my mum went in to school, the teachers did nothing.
One teacher showed my mum the door! I got into more fights, with boys aswell though. I won all of them, but the bullying carried on. I started faking illnesses to stay off school, when my parents figured out why i was doing it, they contacted school, again and nothing was done as usual. I started truanting, and going in late, to avoid people. I kept getting found out though, I'd always been a 'good girl' tried to get to school on time, loved learning, because i wanted a good future, but i started smoking, to try and make myself look 'cool' so i could fit in, but they laughed as a coughed on the cigs. My parents found out, because my sister's boyfriend, saw me smoking outside the bus station in the middle of a school day.
I was starving myself, hitting myself, scratching and cutting myself. My mum found out and got upset, so i tried and i stopped. I was told everyday, that i was ugly, fat, trampish, not worth walking down the streets and hurtful things. I was puzzled when some of the boys who called me ugly wanted to go out with me, but because i felt ugly, i didn't think i could ever get a decent boyfriend, and agreed. They were nice to me, but when they were with their friends, they would be back to their normal selfs, they told me they wanted to keep it secret, so i did. I knew they were ashamed, but i was ashamed of me too. I used to see myself as pretty when i looked in the mirror, i wasn't big-headed, but i knew that i wasn't ugly, until i moved into that house. I eventually dumped the boy that was ashamed of me, only to move onto a whole load of other ashamed boys. I hated it so i kept dumping them, but then i felt like i would never have another boyfriend. I was going out with another bully victim, but he was also ashamed, so i finished with him too. I soon found a boyfriend who loves me for who i am, i know i'm young but i know that he is different to the rest of them, but the bullying carried on, it was awful.
I started suffering from serious backpain, i had to leave some of my lessons early so i had time to get to my next lesson and avoid the crowds of people, I knew that people were laughing at me, but i tried to keep my head high and ignore them, i stopped telling my parents what was happening, because there was no difference them knowing. It was just hurting them, to see me upset. I held my head high, or at least that is what people thought i was doing, in reality i was bottling up my feelings, and hiding them away from the world. I got on a real downer, because people saw me ignoring them, and decided that it would be good to try even harder to make their comments get to me. At this point, i couldn't walk into i lesson without the comments, rulers, pencils, rubbers and paper thrown at me. My possessions would be taken away from me, tipped out, thrown around and hidden in cupboards, while i was away taking tablets, I got on the school bus every afternoon, and people would spit at me, pour pop and milkshake down my, pull my hair, write on me with chalk, put chewing gum in my hair and thow paper, newspapers, leaflets, and pens at me. I would go home and as soon as i walked through the door, i would say i was going to the toilet and cry until i couldn't cry anymore. Still no-one knew, my parents don't look through my things, so they never read my diary. It got to about a week before the six week holidays, people could call me naive, but i was unaware of what paracetamol could do, so i took 18, thinking it would harm me real bad, and possibly kill me. I broke down on the phone to my boyfriend, he told me that he would phone in 5 minutes, and if i hadn't told my mum, then he would because he thought it would sound better coming from me. I paced the garden, refused to eat my tea, then realised he wasn't going to call. Mum noticed my strange behavior, and asked me what was wrong, i told her and she took me to the hospital. i was seen straight away, and kept in over night. I got back and only told the closest of my friends, but somehow everything gets out, so every one knew. I went back to school, and people said to me 'you should have done it properly' I cried my eyes out all that night. I cried myself to sleep most nights, but this one was particularly bad, i cried for hours.
I went to school again for the last day that school year and was thinking of how great the holidays would be, i needed to think again. I would go on walks with my boyfriend, which i found very hard, as my back would be painful, and people would approach us in big groups, circle us, and start saying nasty things, and asking us about the rumours that we'd had sex. We were sat talking one day, it was hot and sunny, and we decided to randomly sit in the middle of a field, with long grass. We saw a slug, so decided to go and find a bench somewhere to sit. As we stood up, a group of people who were always being nasty to me were walking through this field, so they decided to tell us that we had been having sex, we denied it, because it was untrue, but they were following us. They always threaten me and they threaten my boyfriend, because they want to scare us. Most of the holidays i spent my time trying to avoid people. I hated being followed, i would rather that people see me as invisible than this. I was still suffering bad with my back. By this time, i had seen over 10 different doctors and still didn't know what was wrong with me. Another day in the holidays, i had just walked my boyfriend to the snicket, and on the way back home, i saw one of my friends, she asked me if i wanted to go on a walk with her, and i did. I didnt notice at first though, that she was being followed by a group of boys, that were trying to get answers off of her, for why she had been acting off with her boyfriend. She walked off, after making up with her boyfriend, leaving me about half a mile, to walk back home, with a group of bullies. They all ran for the snicket, saying they wanted to get through, before my ass got stuck and stopped them getting down. They were laughing at me, for going out with my boyfriend, because they didn't like him. When i got to the end of my street, they were rammig bikes into the backs of my legs. I was pushed down the stairs at school after the holidays, a younger boy urinated up my leg, while i was arguing with a group of idiots, I was threatened with a knife.
I got the police involved, but the boys got away with it. I was devastated.
I was sent for an MRI scan with my back, and had family problems that people all knew about, because i live in one of them villages where everyone knows everyone elses business, so people knew about it and still continued to pull me down, and make me feel so low about myself. I started saying 'yes' if people asked me if i was fat. I felt realy ugly. I would have my own sisters saying i was ugly. If i did something a bit wrong, if i put some of their clothes away for them, and i put something in the wrong drawer or something like that they would tell me that i was ugly or fat. I believed them, as much as my boyfriend told me that i wasn't, i told him he was lying to make me feel better. People phoned taxis to come to my house and ordered take aways, for my house, then at school they would laugh, while the teachers were aound at it, the teachers refused still to believe me.
A teacher once laughed at the thigns people were saying, after i asked to go and take my painkillers, she asked why i hadn't taken them before. I told her that i had taken some at 5 o clock that morning, and i couldn't take anymore until then. She told me i was lying, and told me that she didn't believe me. The other kids were laughing at me. She eventually let me go and take them, but when i came back, she was telling me that i hadn't left my book with her, even though i knew i had, as i hand all my books in to my teachers so i don't have to lug them around with me. Then she was telling me that she said i could go early last lesson, so that i could take my bag up to my form room. I knew that she didn't because i never take my bag up to my form room. I told her this, but she was telling me that i did, and she knew that it was me going mental, not her. The other kids found this really funny, they started laughing at me, when they were making their own things up to say to me, she was laughing at the things they were saying. I wanted to cry, but i thought of sugababes-ugly, then lifted my head and stayed in the lesson until the end. Another time people were all moving my things and hiding them in cupboards around the room. I told one of my ashamed ex-boyfriends, that if he didn't get me my coat and bag, and tell me who had done it. I would tell the class that i had been out with him. He got them for me, but when i told the teacher, he didn't even turn around, to listen, he ignored me and carried on teaching the lesson, so i turned back around, said 'goodbye then' and walked out of the lesson. I walked down the stairs, and punched the wall as hard as i could. I felt the floor shake, but what did i expect in a three story building. I walked to the nearest bus-stop and made my way home that way. The next day, my mum promised that she would get in-touch with the board of education, but the next day, my sister was threatening to run away if she couldn't move out, so my mum didn't bother to phone them. She told me to stay off school for the next day too, but i told her it would be ok, because i still wanted to go. I told one of my friends on msn, that i felt low, nearly suicidal, but she told me that i was being silly, and that i was ok really. Then at about 10 o clock, i went upstairs and was listening to music really loud though headphones. I was thinking about all the pain i had been going through, all the things people said to me. I cried until 3 o clock in the morning, then i found that everyone was asleep, i crept downstairs, and opened the kitchen cupboard. I took different medication from each of my family members, then went upstairs and took them all. I felt realy sick. I laid looking at the ceiling until 6 o clock that morning, then i went to wake up my brother for school when he went downstairs. I was slightly sick, then i went downstairs and he was on the toilet, so i quickly unlocked the door and threw up on a plant outside. He could tell there was something wrong and went to tell my mum that i didn't feel well, I told him to tell her that i was ok, and that i was going to school, so he did. I went out and waited for the school bus as normal, then as i got on, one of my friends saw me and knew there was something wrong. My face was pale white. My eyes had thick black rings around them, my pupils were pin-prick-thin. She had a way, of getting anythign out of anyone, so i told her what was wrong, and she shot up to my form room as soon as the bus got to school. I hobbled up the stairs, tears streaming down my face feeling really guilty, and knowing how many people i could have hurt. I got their eventually and was sat down and asked exactly what i had taken, i knew it was bad, but i thought i would be dead before i woke up, i didn't think it would last through until the next day. I had written a suicide note, And left it under my pillow when i'd gone to school, but not so it could be seen. An ambulance was phoned and i was taken to hospital, where my parents were waiting for me. I was given heart scans and monitered on my breathing, I was taken to the high dependancy unit, and kept an eye on overnight even though everytime i drifted off, i stopped breathing, that happened every few minutes though, as the tablets i'd taken make people really drowsey.
My boyfriend came to see me while i was in there. He said i looked a mess, and then when he came to see me again he bought me some flowers. People heard at school about me overdosing, and were laughing in history. I found out soon after that i have spondylosis, and when people found out about that, they laughed at the fact that i am going to be in serious pain for the rest of my life. I haven't been back into any of my lessons, except Health and social care. But when i've seen people around school, they have said stuff like 'cough cough Roxanne's gay cough'. I wont know if the bullying has stopped until i move to a new school, but i hope i will make friends, and hope that people won't make me feel as low as they have done.


Lizzie's Story
I was verbally bullied at my first secondary school, and my mum withdrew me when she realized I was being bullied and the school done nothing about it (they knew who it was doing it, as the girl was a regular trouble maker) I was 12 when I was withdrawn. It started halfway through year 7. I was out of school for about a year and a half before we moved. At my new school, I was still a bit wary of going, so I was in and out with fake illnesses. When I hit year ten, I gained enough confidence to go full time. I was off for two or three weeks after a week of school starting due to illness, and went back all bright and cheery. Girls were still being nasty in one class, but I managed to ignore it. I was fourteen at the time. In the first week back after being ill, I went to class as normal, and girls were asking questions I weren't willing to answer. It kicked off from there, and one girl hit me after class. I found it hard after that. I was in and out, so they got tutors in so I could still learn but didn't go to lessons. I started year eleven, with some confidence, but it soon faded when the help was stopped.Without that help, I stopped going. In the end, I was again withdrawn from school.
I started college in London, away from where I lived with my mum in Essex, so I lived with my grandparents. It was the best thing I'd done, but had to leave due to falling pregnant. I was sixteen. I took an E2E (entry to employment) course, which was specifically for 16 to 19 year olds with various problems or who had no other option at that time (one person who was there, was a girl just older than me with a child of her own). I finished that course, leaving with four certificates; two city and guilds for English and Maths level one, a Basic First Aid, and a basic IT certificate. I live with my partner and father of my little girl, but I do regret having left school.
Reading your story has made me realize that, although it is tough being bullied, it is possible to carry on. Perhaps if I had seen a story like yours sooner, I would've been stronger. But I have never given up on learning. I'm 17 now, and due to start a computer course in March. I sincerely hope many young people, both boys and girls, read your story and gain the strength from that to carry on. Everyone deserves an education, and no one deserves to be bullied.

Again, your story has brought me realisation that I could've done more at school. I hope other readers will realize a lot sooner than what I have. You have my all to add my story to your site, even though mine is of giving up in the start, it shows determination to do my all, not only for myself, but also for my daughter.


Amanda's Story
I'm 16, nearly 17. For the 5 years I was at high school I was bullied.

At first, I fell out with some of my friends in Year 7, friends I had known since primary school. And, I admit, it was partly my fault, but that's hardly an excuse. Because these people were cool and I'd always been a bit of a geek and a swot etc., everyone else sided with them against me. They started calling me names and wouldn't stop, even when I was in tears. The teachers didn't seem to notice, or maybe they thought they were just joking. One day someone wrote something offensive on my book, something like "you f*****g fat b****" and the teacher, who would in the end be one of the best teachers I ever had, shouted and screamed at her and told her that enough was enough. She stopped. She actually became a sort-of friend and never bullied me again. But, she wasn't in the main group of bullies so no one else was influenced by the telling-off she got!  The bullying continued for the next five years. RE was the worst. This one boy (I'm shaking as I write this) used to come up behind me and strangle me, whilst calling me names and kicking me under the table. Once I tried hitting him as hard as I could whilst he was doing it, but that of course backfired: he shouted out loud "OOH, fighting back now, are we??" and then did it even more.

Absolutely everyone hated me. Including two of my friends, who turned their backs on me in Year 9 and joined the main group of bullies. They talk about me behind my back. One of them is still just as bad now as she was then (when I see her, which is thankfully not often), and her favourite thing to get me about is calling me a lesbian. (I'm not a lesbian, but why would it matter if I were anyway?)

I have an intense fear, borne from my years at school, of flying objects. They used to throw things like those hard sweets, 2p pieces, bus tickets, things like that. Snow was the very worst. They used to collect it in their coats or wherever they kept it and have competitions with each other to see who could "get the fat one on the head". It wasn't like it was even soft snow; it was like ice... it makes me sick even to think about it... Once I was just getting off the bus and one of the windows opened, and a waterfall of strawberry milkshake came pouring out onto my coat and in my hair. At school, they once stuck chewing gum in my hair and everybody laughed... I used to wake up every single morning and wish that I had died in my sleep. I'd cry often. Especially in the shower where I knew nobody could hear me or see me.

I never wanted to go to school, but I made myself. I forced myself to get up every morning and go to the bus stop, knowing from the moment I was at the bus stop to the moment I walked half way up my street I would be mercilessly bullied. It wasn't just the name-calling, or the strangling, or the kicking, it was the tripping up and the laughter and the shunning and belittling and being pushed to the back of the queue every time. I knew I had to go to school though, I was in the middle of my GCSEs by this point, and my mum still didn't know what was going on so it probably would have looked just a bit suspicious if I didn't go. So I struggled on.

So the bullying culminated on the bus home one day, around this time last year... this is going to make me cry, I just know it... I got on the bus. Everything appeared normal, you know shouting insults etc etc. So my best friend and I took the seat which was nearest to the driver, thinking maybe he'd protect us should anything happen. It started with a few 2p throws. They were aiming for my head and allocated points to each area like ears, neck and so on... then one of them got an elastic band and twanged my ears and I turned around and said "F*** OFF" in my best, get away from me voice. Needless to say, it didn't work. Then they practically all jumped on me, throwing coats and other things at me. They had their ringtone on full blast and held the speakers up to my ear to try and deafen me. My friend and I got up to stand nearer the front, then maybe they couldn't do it from there. A rainstorm of 2p pieces hit me and this time they tried to get them in my face... I had enough so I got off the bus earlier and walked the rest of the way home... thinking I'll kill myself when I get there... I got home, looked at the kitchen knife and thought, if I do that then they'll have won. But then another part of me thought, I don't care; at least it'll all be over. But I managed to prise myself away, which was exceptionally difficult and went upstairs. I lay on my bed and screamed and cried and cried like I've never cried before. Then my mum came home. She didn't hear me so I hastily wiped my face and went downstairs. She didn't notice anything.

The next day I had to really force myself to go to school. My best friend and I had decided to go to our favourite teacher, the one who helped me with the girl and the writing on the book and if she couldn't do anything, then I might really be forced to quit. Even though it was just 3 months before my GCSE exams. That morning was unusually quiet. There was nobody shouting at me. Maybe they knew they'd gone too far or maybe they were just tired that particular day. Whatever, when I got to school we went straight to see this teacher. She took us into the back office and I said I'm being bullied on the bus. She hugged me and said that she'd sort it out, and come with her. So we did. In the end, they got screamed at and punished badly. They still called me names but there was no physical violence on the bus. The bullying at school continued. And I told my mum. Not the full extent but a select amount of it. Now she says that if she'd known sooner that she'd have taken me out of there. But I didn't know that at the time...

A few months later, I took 11 GCSE exams. I thought the stress of it all might have totally ruined my chances but in September, I went back for my results. I got six A*s and five As, and one of the top 5 results in the country out of 80,000 students for graphics. I came through in the end. I go to a Sixth form quite a long way from my school now. I really love it. Things ARE looking up.


Kat's story
I was bullied in my junior school years by a group of girls that i used to be really close with, but then they suddenly turned on me.  And i guess thats why i still find it hard to understand why they hurt me, because as far as i know, i didn't do anything to warrant it and i'd always thought of them as my friends.  They used to call me names like 'flat face' and that i had a 'piggy nose' and 'weird eyes' that i was ugly and stupid.  These were very sensitive things for me because i have a medical 'problem' that meant i was born looking different to everyone else which i guess is why it hit me harder than it would do anyone else.  This wasnt just a random time they did it, they would do it most break times and wouldnt include me in any of their games, and eventually none of the class would talk to me or play with me and i would sit in the playground in a corner in between the bench and wall, and behind the bin to hide from them and make myself disappear. 
It got so bad i got to the point where i went to my parents for help.  They told my teacher and head teacher and my class were spoken to about bullying whilst i was in another room doing art with a different teacher.  I stupidly, told the teachers the names of the girls that were hurting me and they were called to speak to my head teacher on their own without the rest of the class.  They denied doing anything to me and said i was making it up.  The girl that was the most hurtful, went home and told her parents that she had been accused of bullying.  Her father went straight to the head the next day and pulled me into the room and accused me of lying about her daughter to get attention and if i didn't take what id said back, he would take me to court.  I was, 9 at the time and of course any mention of court and police scared the hell out of me and so i said i was lying and trying to get attention from those around me so that nothing would happen to me. 
Everything settled down for a bit because although id said i had lied the teachers were still unsure as to what was happening so were watching the girls, they pretended to be friends with me and play with me and i almost believed they were actually being nice to me.  They started again after a while although it wasnt as bad as we were gearing up to leave junior school and i was moving so i coped with it knowing i wouldnt have to see them again. You would think that is the end of the story, but its just begun. 
I didn't hear from them for a couple of years when i moved and was starting to sort my life out with friends and beginning to learn what it is like to have proper friends again, although i had great difficulty trusting them after how those girls from my junior school affected me.  In year 8, i heard from the main girl and she was asking to be friends with me and said she was different now.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt because i dont like thinking the worst in people before giving them a chance and it was fine for a while until some time in year 9 (i dont remember when) i got an email from her saying she never wanted to talk to me again and that i had said all these things to her that i hadn't and it really upset me.  I ran downstairs in floods of tears to my mum and she wanted to ring up the girl's parents and tell her what the girl had said but i wouldnt let her and said i would sort it out myself.  I emailed her back saying that i hadnt said any of those things and wanted to know who she had heard them from.  I got a series of abuse emails everyday after that and phone calls from her friends from her new boarding school saying the girl wouldnt hurt a fly and i was being a liar and swearing at me and also got phonecalls from the girl asking me to apologise for what i had done and that i had been a horrible girl and they sung songs to me and laughed at me when they heard me crying.  Eventually it got to the point i would sit there shaking and crying whenever i saw my phone light up and see i was getting another call or another text from them.  I didn't know what to do, i wasn't going to let my parents sort it out because at year 10 it got up to, i should be able to sort things out my myself, i'd tried friends but the girls just accused me of making the friends up.  They tracked my best friend's email address from a forward i sent her one time and started emailing her saying she shouldnt be friends with me and how i wasn't good enough to have friends and that i should die and be alone and that she would hunt me down in my new house.  None of my friends really thought these girls were being serious and didn't understand why i was so upset about it, but you wouldnt would you, unless it was happening to you? Even though it was through the internet and phone they hurt me, it hurt a lot more than when they were in front of me because they were older and knew how to get to me quicker by using really personal things to affect me and knock me down. 
Eventually, it did die down but i cant remember how, i guess theyd had enough fun hurting me and got bored of seeing me break down and seen there wasnt much lower i could go.  In the last year though i am starting to get my confidence back and trust people more, although i think it will still take a lot longer to get the things they said to me out of my mind.  But ill get there in the end, i can get through this.  I'm a stronger person than they think.


Sam's Story
Well, it all started in year six, last year of primary school when my best friend had her hair cut short and I decided that I had to have my hair cut short aswell. However, my hairdresser did it a bit too short and it looked awful! But because of my pride I wouldnt grow it out. Now I didnt have a problem with it in year 6 but when I went up to year 7 the other kids decided I looked like a boy and they stareted teasing me about it. But I took no notice of them because I thought it was just harmless banter. Howeverm there was this one girl who decided it was going to be her job to make my life unbareable. Day after day she would tease me about my hair, so I started to wear clips and headbands in my hair to see if that would stop her. It didnt, she just took them out of my hair and stood on them and spat on them. So after a while my hair grew back and she realised she couldnt tease me about my hair any longer so she thought up of new ways to bully me. Not that I realised that this was bullying, I thought it happend to everyone. I guess you could have called me naive at that point. I just let it happen and waited for it to stop. I didnt realise that the longer I let it happen the worse it would get.

Now this girl had about 5 friends who were the 'popular' ones and because they hated me and bullied me, everyone else did because they were scared of them. I had about 5 friends myself that stood up for me and at times would have to literally stand in a circle around me to stop them hitting me or kicking me. And these friends never deserted me like so many others had but I began to feel bad as they had to put up with me so I made myself distant from them. I wouldnt accept their help and I didnt let them protect me.

So this escalated from bad to worse over the years, I wont bore you with all the details, but I was spending most of my time at home pretending to be poorly, beacause like so many other bullied people I didnt tell anyone. And the time I did spend at school, I wished I was dead.

I can remember one point in music in year 9 I was just standing near the piano and this girl came up to me and punched me in the side of the head, right on the ear. It was so hard I couldnt hear for about a day. Anyway that punch was one of the best things that happened to me. I walked out of the classroom and into the social area and just stood in a corner and cried and cried. My teacher came into the social area but I turned away as I felt ashamed at crying, but she came over and asked what was the matter, and I couldnt hold it in anymore. I just told her everything. She said that it would stop there and then, and in a matter of weeks it did stop, the girls werent excluded or even moved forms or anything. I dont know quite what the teachers told them, but about a month later I could actualy walk past them and only have a 'look'. I wasnt hit or kicked or spat on or had my hair pulled or my clothes cut or anything.

However, before all this, at the begging of year 8 I got a sharp pencil and scratched myself on the leg. I dont know why I did it but I did, and it felt good. After about a week of that I progressed to the back of my arms, then my wrists. Half a year later I was addicted to self-harm: I could not go a day with out cutting my self. By this time I wasnt using pencils, but I'll leave it to your imagination to what kind of things I was using. I was basicaly destroying myself: i tried to commit suicide twice, I was abusing solvents. This carried on for a year and one day I just broke down in the toilets at school and cut my wrists really badly. I didnt know what to do, but I was feeling faint because of the blood loss, so I went and told my teacher who, in turn, took me to matrons and she bandaged my arm up. And once again something bad had turned into something good. I got help, I started seeing a counsellor, who I am still seeing to this day. The self-harm took three years to disapear, from year 8 to year 11. I still have relapses now but on the whole I wouldnt class myself as a 'self-harmer' anymore. Most cases of self-harm are because of bullying.

Because of the bullying I didnt do well in my gcse's, I have very low self-esteem and confidence, my legs are full of scars, I dont trust people very well and I tend to dislike myself. However, I prefer to feel these things than to be bullied.

So, finally, I urge anyone who is being bullied and/or self-harming to please speak up. It is NOT your fault and things WILL get better if you tell someone, no matter what the bullies say.


Kayleigh's Story
Starting High School was the most dreaded day of my life. I didn't make friends easily, i was a little overweight and i had a mild case of acne. Also i began to develop at an early age and so i stuck out like a sore thumb from my classmates. At first the bullying wasn't that bad - just the odd name being shouted at me or the odd snyde comment behind my back, but after a few months the abuse intensified. For example people would pull my chiar out from under me when i went to sit down, or people would throw things at me for no reason. Luckily i was never really physically attacked but the verbal abuse gradually got more and more unbearable.One technology lesson almost half  the class of 32 kids were yelling at me and calling me names that are too horrible to mention. I was pretending to ignore them when i noticed the compass in my pencil case. I have no idea what made me do it, but after scratching myself with it somehow i felt free. After that it became more often,i began to use sharper objects and thus the cuts were getting deeper each time. I never intended for anyone to find out but deep down i knew that what i was doing wasn't right and was desperate to tell someone. But imagining what people might think of me put me off. Fortunately (although i didn't think so at the time) one of my teahers noticed the scars on my arms and began to ask questions. From then on i spoke to her almost every day and decided i needed to kick the habit once and for all. I handed over all the things i had or could use to hurt myslef and i'll never forget the look on her face when i emptied my bag out onto the table: Horror which then turned to pity. i collapsed in a heap and cried as i began to realise the enormity of the situation.For years i had hurt myself on the outside to try and kill the thing on the inside. The thing that had made me a target all this time, the thing that everyone hated. But now i knew that i wasn't the one with the problem. There is no positive side to being bullied, but in a way i feel like a different person because of it. I'm a much happier, stronger person now that i have come out of the other side and i feel like i can help others as a result.  I owe so much to so many people and if anyone reading this is going through a similar situation i would urge you to seek help. i know it seems tough now, but things will get better. i haven't harmed myself in over a year but believe me i have wanted to. the urge never really goes away and i know that the easier option will always be to give in instead of trying to fight it. That part of my life will always be with me and my thoughts go out to everyone going though such a horrible experience.


Lauren's Story
Well, I've been bullied ever since I've been in education.
I remember one kid at my infant school that liked to push little girls over, and he especially liked to push ME into things. Walls. Nettles. Barbed wire. I went home bleeding some days but when my mum took it up with his, the boy's mother would have none of what mine had to say.
I eventually progressed into primary school, and with this we moved to South-West England.
For two years, I attended a school where not only the big kids were scary: they trod on your favourite toys for fun. One thing that stands out for me here happened when I had my ears pierced. One boy thought it would be fun to rip out an earring as he ran past. He also ripped my ear, and it got so infected that I was in agony. I had to let them heal over in the end, and I don't plan on getting them pierced again.
I moved school in the end. And at my new school, it got so much worse...
There were constant jibes about me being overweight, sounding like a poshsnob or being too swotty. I wasn't overweight when they teased me, but they'd poke at me- call me names I can't even remember now. I don't even want to remember them. No matter how many times my mum complained to the school, they'd just get worse. Every time I went into school, I couldn't go a day without being picked on. And I nearly always cried afterwards.
Once, a boy invited me to a party. He told me it was a fancy dress and told me his address. Luckily, I found out he was lying before I turned up at a strangers house in a stupid outfit. After this, I convinced myself that no boy would ever like me.
I was glad to leave that place and those people.
I next went to a private school (it seemed I'd get eaten alive at the local comprehensives). Other people in my year commented on a snobbish sounding voice, even called me fat to my face.
I sought refuge in a girl two years above me, who took me under her wing and stood up against anyone for me if she needed to. I enjoyed hanging out with her so I often spent more time with her instead of my peers.
She steadily and steadily over time alienated me from any friends I did have. She even persuaded me to give up the extracurricular activities I loved. She made up lies about the best friend in my year to get me to ditch her- this should have been ample warning for me.
After a while, it was her that was calling me names, and she physically hurt me. At one time, I suffered painful ingrowing toenails. Once she knew this, she'd tread on my toes until I bled through my socks. She called it joking around. She called it fun.
At times, she'd punch or pinch me. Those were the easy days. Others, I'd get thrown up against a wall or she'd throttle me til I was near to blackout. She abused me, and I let her. I was her ragdoll- the friendly puppy that still loves you no matter what you do to it.
I let her hurt me because she was my friend, and I was too damn terrified to speak up against her.
I tried to strangle myself in the school cloakroom in Y9. I had become so depressed and I felt totally and utterly useless.
She was expelled the same year, and only then did she relinquish her hold. By this time, I was already an outsider in my own year group and no-one wanted to know anymore. I spent my last secondary years in a very lonely existence.
Now, I am at a wonderful school (studying AS Levels) where everyone seems to want to know my name and for the first time in my life, I am popular. Popular for being me.
I also have a boyfriend, who tells me everyday just how much he thinks of me.
I still have a huge weight complex, but I also have a lot of confidence now, and tend not to take much flack off anybody. I love to perform, and want to use it as a career.
The old me would have never dreamed of becoming everything I am now.
There are no bullies to dampen my days anymore.
And it IS true: whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm just happy to be alive and experiencing all this.


Carrie's Story
People said I had spread rumours about people, but I hadn't. Lots of people turned against me and it seemed like the whole of my year wanted to beat me up. When i was walking through the park, people would shout things at me, and in lessons they would cut my hair and the fur on my coat. They threatened to petrol bomb my house. I was terrified and too scared to tell anyone. Eventually, I told my friends mum and my nan and uncle who i live with. They were all very understanding and a meeting was arranged at school with the head teacher. That went well, and now I'm hoping things will get better. I'm still too scared to go to school incase i get beaten up, but I'm hoping I'll be able to go back soon.


Zara's Story (Zara was bullied at home by family, as well as at school).
Ever since i started school in year 3, up to year 8, i was bullied. I got really depressed over the years and felt i couldn't turn to anybody for help. Just before being bullied, my mum and dad divorced when i was 4.
My mum made arrangements for me and my brother to see my dad. I hated going to see my dad every other weekend because he had recently got together with another women who is german.
When me and my brother did go to see him, he would constantly speak in german to this woman so we couldn't understand what he was saying.
This woman had to kids who were about three years older than me. They were really selfish. When we went to stay with our dad we had to sleep on the wooden floor with popped blow-up beds.

My dad later got married to this woman. Me and brother hated her to the bone.
When i was at her house, my dad was out, i was crying because i'd just been to a friends party and everyone had left me out. She hit me for crying about this.

Since i was about 7 years old i have hated my dad until this day. I am now 14 years old.

Me, my brother and my mum moved from south london to the north-west to get away from it all.
My dad never sends me or my brother birthday, or christmas cards and never phones. It was only recently i found out that for a birthday present for his wife's kids, he bought them each a mobile phone and booked them two tickets to germany for two weeks.

My dad is supposed to phone every week to check up on us. But ever since we moved his contact with me and my brother has been less frequent. I haven't heard from him for just over a year.

It's now been 4 years since we moved here.


Hannah's Story
My name is Hannah I am 14 years old. I have been bullied since the age of about 6 till now, which is over 8 years. The first time I ever got bullied was when I was talking to my best friend but his best friend didn't like it cause she fancied him, When I had finished talking to this boy I went out onto the playground and she confronted me, she pushed me to the floor and kicked me many times, then some of her friends came along and held me still while she punched me many times in the stomach. I cried and was bleeding, I also had many bruises. She bite me on the arm and threatened me she said "you ever go anywhere near him (I'm not gonna say his name) again I'll beat the s**t out of you again, also that involves if you tell anyone too" she then walked off and left me. I crawled up the corner by the steps and began to cry. A teacher came to me and asked me what was wrong she saw that my nose was bleeding and I was really upset and she took me to the nurses room. They tried there hardest to get me to tell them what had happened to me. I told them I had feel over on the steps and hit my nose of one of the steps. (Yes I lied I know I did and I shouldn't have done) Well anyway they called my mom to bring me a fresh school uniform and talk to me. I explained to them I just feel. After about half and hour of telling them this they believed me. I went back into class to sit next to the girl in my next class. She kicked me under the table every few minutes threatening me if she got into trouble. After a month of constant beatings from this girl the girl was made to leave school for hitting a teacher I was so happy that I wouldn't be hit again. I had no trouble then for about a month then the six weeks came.
   After the six weeks holiday I went back into school. We had a new boy join the school. He was nice at first I didn't have any friends so I tried to make one with him. He just gave me a really dirty look and pushed me to the floor he said "I have been told about you" and walked away from me. I watched him leave I could never seem to make friends with people. At breaks and dinner I would sit alone by the steps. when ever I asked someone if I could join there game they would say "No, It's only a two player game" "No it's already over crowed" "why would we want you fatty," I was always branded a outcast. Just cause I was fat (well I'm not fat I'm average weight always have been). I never had any friends, the teachers kept telling me to go play a game with another pupil, I wouldn't it hurt so bad to hear these words "Hannah, Go play a game with a friend" This is where I would walk away someplace else and cry. I had accident at home that involved me splitting my forehead/eyebrow open and having to have stitches and a plaster covering it I also had a black eye. I got called stupid for wearing the plaster some even said I looked pretty with it on maybe I should have one covering my whole face.
Yet again the six weeks holiday came I had fun I went to france I laughed smiled and joked. I was happy at home with my family. Then the day before school came, I cried myself to sleep that night. I made my self sick I pushed my fingers really far down my throat so I was sick. My mom didn't take me the next day. I was so happy but I pretended to be sick, after about a week. My mom told me I had to go back to school weather I was sick or not I couldn't have another day of school just yet cause she would get locked away. So I went to school with out a fuss I made it look like I wanted to go. I went into class and sat down where my teacher told me to. I was sat next to the new boy from last year. I had all my classes sat next to him. He used to pinch me under the table, he would kick and punch me as well. I would come home with bruises on my arms, legs, chest and stomach. It was about a month after we started school again and the boy slammed my hand into the table, It went black and swollen, I went home and told my mom I fell at dinner. She took me to the hospital where I was told I had a broken wrist. I was put into plaster. I went to school the next day and was bullied for not being able to write (It was my wirting hand). I had to stay inside at dinner and break which I was happy about until one day the boy that had broke my wrist came in he started to swear at me and push me, he accused me of telling. He got so mad at me that he picked a chair and threw it at me, he wacked me round the back with it. I broke down crying when he left. The teacher found me on the floor she asked me what was wrong I told her that my wrist was hurting badly. She took me to the office and gave me some tablets. I got out of plaster and was made to go back outside, I was pushed and shoved and called names. I was constantly called fat and ugly. I made my self ill again and again so many times I made myself ill because of bullying.
      Yet again the six weeks came I was happy and smiling. The bruises had gone. Of course I had to go back to school, this is where the serious stuff went on. I was 7/8 years old and discovered a eating disorder. I went into school and had my lunch money taken away from me, I had other peoples lunch threw at me. I cried so hard. I got called a fat (Well to many swear words to put here. I may get into trouble for saying them all, but I bet you can gather what I was called) I got called ugly. I even got told some one was going to kill me cause I was good enough to live on this earth. It was in the middle of the year when a teacher called me to fat to join a sports team. I cried and took matters into my own hands. I went to eating only one meal a day and after that one meal I would push my fingers down my throat. Just to make me sick. I did this all in private so one one knew. But of course the dinner ladies saw me throw my food away and contacted my mother. Thats where I was made to sit in the heads office while I ate I refused to. One day I sat there all school day and threw a half an hour detention staring at a sandwich they were trying to get me to eat. After a few months of getting bored of me fighting them for making me eat I collapsed I wasn't getting enough vitamins and other nutrients. My body was weak, but I still was fat. After a month of recovery I went back into school, where a letter that my parents wrote was read out to the whole school (It was in private so no one knew whose parents wrote it). It didn't stop them. I was later pushed down the steps at school. I broke my leg. Six months on crutches, people took them of me and wouldn't give them back.
  I recovered from my leg I was so scared and my family were having a few problems that I went to live with my nan, it was away from home and school. I spent the whole six weeks with her, well 8 I made my self ill for two of them. I continued to put on fake smiles, but no one could see or understand what was happening to me. I went home and back to school. The teacher that had called me to fat to join the sports club turned into my forum tutor, she took a disliking to me, she ripped my work up in class and called me a cheat on my tests, she even grabbed my round the scruff of my neck. This along with the bullying from pupils went on for six months. I didn't know what to do about the bullying from pupils but the teacher I took into my own hands and went on strike from her. At the end of the year the head found out that I was refusing to do any work and took me into her office she asked what was going on. I told her I was being bullied by the teacher and some of the pupils. This was sorted out immediately. The teacher was told of and given a warning that she would be sacked if she picked on me or any other pupil again. The boy that broke my wrist and leg was sent to another school.
  For the last year of primary school I had only the odd name every now and again, and I made a friend, but our friendship was a bit rocky. We left primary school I started secondary school. My only friend went to a different school.
  I didn't spend a lot of time out school in year seven. Not only had the bullying started again because of the boy that had broke many of my bones was in my class because I had grew thinner and prettier than before but also because I had two emergency operations. I had my appendix out and a op on my knee. When I did return to school I was called names and pulled backwards down a flight of stairs I was beat up and discovered self harming. It worked for a while then It got addicting and It was only making the bullying worse. I cut for over a year.
  When in year 8 I made a full year at school, where I was bullied really badly I was called a lesbian and beat up and called fat. This year I tried suicide but I ran out of pills. So it didn't work. Thats when everything came out in the open. I was diagnosed with depression and put on pills. I cried and went through another eating disorder. This one I have yet to recover from. My teachers where told.
  I went into the year I had just left but the teachers didn't get a chance to do anything about it when I pulled my self out of school. I ran away from school. Because a rumor had been spread that I had, had lesbian sex with a girl. From the 15th decmeber 2006 to 4th June 2007 I spent at home. Having home tutoring. On the 4th June I went to a new school, where I still have the odd name but life is good now. I am happy to go to school.
    My advise for people that get bullied is tell some one don't keep it to yourself. Keeping it to your self is the worst think that you can do that way you help the bully. I don't want anyone to suffer the way I have. Talking helps.


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